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What is Telescopia

Telescopia offers unprecedented multilingual live telescope experience that encapsulates a vast network of services offered in one bundle containing: live control, video feed, consultants, tour guides, professional image capturing (astrophotography), infra-red astronomy, lecture rooms, mixed reality experience throughout all services and a telescope marketplace.

  • Our Mission
    Introduce the international and cryptocurrency world with a new lens to our vast universe; which is consistently perceived as low cost and high quality alternative to traditional telescopes; Opening greater educational horizon that enlighten the students and researchers all over the world.
  • Our Vision
    Our vision is to lead the telescope streaming industry globally, plant landmarks with the innovative technologies we offer, revolutionize the industry by introducing space telescope streaming technology, We will not settle for anything less than excellence.
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ICO Token Sale

Soft Cap: 4,800,000 USD , Hard Cap: 29,600,000 USD


Token for sale: 23,076,461 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.48 USD


Token for sale: 61,250,000 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.29 USD


Token for sale: 6,125,000 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.19 USD

Token for sale: 23,076,461 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.48 USD

Token for sale: 61,250,000 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.29 USD

Token for sale: 6,125,000 CYRS

1 CYRS = 0.19 USD

Telescopia Services

To accommodate the infinite usage of Telescopia, there are multiple varieties of services to suite the desire of our customers.

Cyrus Token

  • Trade CYRS Freely on More than 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges.
  • CYRS Holders can Lease or Rent Tokens on Exchanges.
  • Service Providers Hold CYRS to Participate in Telescopia.

Token Distribution

Token Information

Token CYRS
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Pre-ICO Jan 01, 2019 – Jan 15, 2019
Tokens to sell: 6,125,000 CYRS
Pre-Sale Jan 15, 2019 – Apr 01, 2019
Tokens to sell: 61,250,000 CYRS
ICO Apr 01, 2019 – June 01, 2019
Tokens to sell: 23,076,461 CYRS
Initial Price 1 CYRS = 0.19 USD
Currencies Accepted ETH, USD
Soft Cap 4,800,000 USD
Hard Cap 29,600,000 USD



  • March 2018

    Developing Telescopia Idea

  • June 2018

    Solving Telescopia

    Technical Challenges

  • August 2018

    Finalizing and Testing

    Telescopia Financial Model

    and Marketing Strategy

  • September 2018

    Finalizing and Reviewing

    Telescopia White Paper

  • Octobar 2018

    Telescopia Announce

  • January 2019

    Pre-ICO Launch

  • Mid Of January 2019

    Pre-Sale Launch

  • February 2019

    Object Observation

    MVP Development

  • April 2019

    ICO Launch

  • June 2019

    ICO End

Telescopia Team


Ahmed El Desouki

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Marina Boules

Chief Technology Officer

Seif Sabry

Financial Analyst

Osama Shehata

Chief Information Officer

Essam Yousry

Chief Operational Officer


Mohamed Mousa

Business Strategic Advisor

Sydney Ifergan

Marketing Advisor

Mohammed Sallam

Astronomy Advisor

Yasser Abdel-Hadi

Astronomy Advisor


Supporting Partners